Human Resources Development Business

In Vietnam, where economic growth continues, it is essential to develop excellent human resources for further development in the future.

Especially in relation to Japan, about half of the foreign workers are from Vietnam, and we believe that both countries are important partners in this field of human resource development.

However, in recent years, due to insufficient knowledge of language learning and customs before coming to Japan, communication between Vietnamese workers and employers could not be established well, resulting in misunderstandings, leading to many sad things such as forced return to the country.

By providing a learning environment suitable for the digital age, we support human resource development through activities such as learning Japanese language using E-learning system and online Japanese language test. It can help workers and international students who plan to come to Japan gain the necessary Japanese language proficiency before coming to Japan. At the same time, we support workers and international students who have acquired knowledge and skills, after returning home, can act as a bridge between Japan and Vietnam.

Privacy Policy

Cienco4 Japan Bridge Joint Stock Company and its subsidiaries (hereinafter, referred to as “C4JB Group”) hereby establish the following Privacy Policy (hereinafter, referred to as “Policy”) regarding customer’s Personal Data for the purpose of properly managing the information and in furtherance of the commitment to complying with the Personal Data Protection Law, Law on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures , and all other applicable laws and ordinances regarding the protection and handling of Personal Data in Japan.

In this Policy, the definition of the term depends on the Personal Data Protection Law and all other applicable laws regarding the protection and handling of Personal Data in Japan.

Our Commitment

C4JB Group shall establish and maintain this Policy through the implementation of an appropriate corporate governance and internal rule framework. All directors, part-time and full-time employees regardless of their employment status (“C4JB Employees”) shall be notified of the contents of this Policy.

Personal Data Acquisition

C4JB Group establishes herewith that Personal Data shall be acquired and used only to the extent necessary to effect legitimate business purposes.

However, Specific Personal Data shall be acquired and used only to the extent prescribed in relevant laws and regulations.

The purpose for Utilization of Personal Data

C4JB Group shall use Personal Data only in accordance with the following purposes, and in no case shall the use of Personal Data exceed the scope of consent received from the relevant person or the scope of the purpose of use permitted by law.

  1. To carry out equipment-related renewal and renewable energy development-related work
  2. To provide information on human resource development / support, dissemination of Japanese language education, and solicitation
  3. To carry out other business safely and reliably with customers.

In the event that customer requests notification of the purpose of use regarding Personal Data, C4JB Group shall immediately respond.

However, this shall not apply to the following cases.

  1. When the purpose of use is clear.
  2. When it is required for the protection of human life or avoidance of injury to a human body or damage to property.
  3. When there is a risk of harming rights or legitimate interests of C4JB Group.
  4. When it is necessary to cooperate with governmental or local authorities in their execution of official work, and the notification to the relevant person or announcement of purpose of use may interfere with such official work.

Disclosing or Providing Personal Data to Third Parties

C4JB Group shall not disclose or provide customer’s Personal Data except in the following cases.

  1. Cases where the customer has given approval.
  2. Cases coming under the grounds for exception provided in laws and regulations.
  3. Cases where it is necessary to disclose information to a third party which is providing services to C4JB Group in order for the Company to be able to provide services to the customer.

C4JB Group shall not disclose any Personal Data if so requested by the relevant person.

As for Specific Personal Data, RJ will not provide or disclose the information to third parties unless required by applicable law.

Supervision of trustees

C4JB Group, in order to facilitate business and to provide better service for customers, may delegate the handling of Personal Data from time to time to third parties that handle Personal Data in a legal and appropriate manner. In such case, the C4JB Group shall supervise such delegated parties as necessary.

Management of Personal Data

(1) Maintenance of Accuracy

Within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose, regarding the acquired customer’s Personal Data, C4JB Group shall keep the data accurate and up to date, and erase the Personal Data once there is no need to use it.

(2) Security Control Measures

C4JB Group shall take appropriate technological and organizational measures to secure Personal Data from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation, and/or disclosure to any third parties.

(3) Supervision of Employees

C4JB Group, when letting C4JB Employees handle customer’s Personal Data, shall thoroughly inform the appropriate handling of Personal Data, provide appropriate training, and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision.

Requests from the Customer for Disclosure, Correction or Cancellation

In cases where C4JB Group receives a request from the customer, for the disclosure, correction or cancellation of information, C4JB Group shall respond immediately in accordance with procedures established separately by C4JB Group.

Customer Inquiries and Complains

Customers may contact the following address for any inquiries or complaints relating to handling of Personal Data of C4JB Group.

Cienco4 Japan Bridge Joint Stock Company
10th Floor, ICON4 Building, No. 243A La Thanh Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.